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Max B. Greene


Hailing from the heart of Dayton, Ohio, Max B. Greene stands out as a distinctive figure in the realm of blues and rock music. For years, he has immersed himself in the rich musical tapestry of Ohio's Miami Valley, honing his craft and carving out a niche with his unparalleled talent.

Central to Max's musical identity are his handmade 3-string guitars, each a testament to his dedication and artistry. These instruments, crafted with meticulous care, lend a raw, primal edge to his music that resonates deeply with audiences. Drawing inspiration from the soulful roots of the blues, Max infuses every chord and riff with an authenticity that speaks volumes about his journey as a musician.

Max B. Greene's performances are a testament to his prowess. Whether he's delivering soul-stirring blues melodies or unleashing electrifying rock anthems, his music captivates and enthralls. His guitar skills are nothing short of impressive, weaving intricate solos and powerful rhythms that showcase his technical mastery and passion for the art.

A must-see performer for any music lover, Max B. Greene continues to push boundaries and defy expectations. With his unique blend of blues and rock, he creates a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression. As he continues to evolve and innovate, Max remains a beacon of creativity and talent in the vibrant music scene of Dayton and beyond.

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Upcoming Shows

Flying Pig narrow.jpg

Flying Pig Tavern Bike Night

July 9th, 2024   6:00-9:00

136 N. 1st St., Fairborn, Ohio

Jayne's on Main.jpg

Jayne's on Main

July 24th, 2024   7:00-10:00

90 S. Main St., Miamisburg, Ohio

Contact Max

Stay updated on Max's latest gigs, releases, and more by following him on Facebook.  You can message him there or by using this form.  If you want to be on his mailing list, put "mailing list" in the message area.

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